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Hood Insurance Brokers is proud to put a focus on protecting New Zealand businesses. We specialise in keeping business running smoothly with no worries, from the largest Kiwi corporations to the smallest Kiwi enterprise. Hood Insurance Brokers can help you insure your stock, your vehicles, your buildings, protect you from legal liability and much more. Best of all, we offer the best insurance at the most competitive prices on the marketplace. We take the time to understand your business and tailor you a solution that takes into account your personal business situation. Only the best for Kiwi businesses - that is the Hood Insurance Promise.

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Commercial property insurance

If you own a business and your business owns property, then commercial property insurance can protect both your buildings and its contents. Under this type of insurance, any unforeseen damage to your buildings or the stock it contains can be covered, including fires, floods, theft, burglary or arson. Your place of business is vital for your continued growth and prosperity. Make sure its covered today with our secure business insurance.

Commercial Property Insurance - Hood Insurance

commercial vehicle insurance

In a fast paced world, you will often need to drive your business with one or more vehicles. With comprehensive commercial vehicle insurance from Hood Insurance Brokers, you can make sure that whatever happens out on the road, your costs will be covered. If the unexpected does happen, your repairs will be paid for, you won't be out of pocket and your business will remain on the move. Sometimes in a small business, your work car is your personal car too, making it even more crucial that you have the right cover.

Commercial Vehicle Insurance - Hood Insurance

professional indemnity insurance

Indemnity insurance is a way that you, your business and your employees can be protected against the consequences of wrongdoing, misconduct or negligence. Indemnity Insurance is extremely highly recommended for large or small businesses that provide services or consulting. If a claim or lawsuit is brought against you, indemnity insurance can cover your legal costs and even compensate for any awards made against you. There are also specially designed indemnity insurance packages for barristers, solicitors, IT professionals, directors, trustees and charitable trusts. Just drop us a line, and we can give you all the information you need to find out how indemnity cover can benefit you today.

Professional Indemnity Insurance - Hood
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construction insurance

If your business is constructing a new building, be it an office block, improvements to existing buildings or buildings for the public, construction insurance can protect you during the process. Construction insurance protects you from financial loss of property damage at the construction site and much more, including machinery breakdown, stock deterioration, computer system malfunction, contract works and liability.

Construction Insurance - Hood Insurance

If you require any one, or a combination of these insurances, we can design a package for you that will fit your needs at the most competitive price. We also offer you unmatched support including a support staff on hand for any form of assistance you need, as well as claims management during your most stressful times. Don't hesitate to contact Hood Insurance Brokers for more information anytime. We'd be proud to go to work for you and secure you the secure business protection that you deserve.

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