• IAG Survey Identifies the Biggest Driving Risks in New Zealand.

    An IAG survey has found that among other risks, eating while driving is the most common dangerous behaviour in NZ drivers. Read More

  • South Island Earthquakes: How To Claim on Your Insurance.

    The Insurance Council has issued advice for people in need of claims after the most recent series of earthquakes to shake the South Island of New Zealand, affecting people all the way to Wellington and doing severe damage. Read More

  • Calls Made For Mandatory Building Insurance.

    Poor materials imported cheaply from overseas being used by poorly trained builders is creating the potential for a new litigation crisis. This is prompting calls for mandatory building insurance from industry bodies. Read More

  • Youi Fined $100,000 by ICNZ for Misleading Sales Tactics.

    Youi plead guilty to 15 charges brought against it by the Insurance Council of New Zealand including debiting customer bank accounts without permission. Read More

  • Hood Insurance Newsletter - August 2016

    Check out our Hood Insurance Newsletter for August 2016, featuring tips on how to get your travel insurance right. Read More

  • World First: Pokemon Go Insurance On Offer.

    An international company has targeted millennials using the Pokemon Go craze, offering insurance for up to $1125 for personal injury caused while using Pokemon Go. Read More

  • Insurance Council of NZ Reacts to the Brexit vote.

    The Insurance Council of NZ puts forward their perspective on what the Brexit vote could mean for the insurance industry in New Zealand. Read More

  • Insurance Industry considers the challenge of driverless vehicles.

    Research predicts that by 2021, driverless vehicles could be becoming prevalent What does this mean for car insurance and premiums? Read More

  • Warning: Contents Insurance for Renters has become a must-have.

    Without adequate protection of the contents of your rental property, you risk being sued by the landlord for damages. The good news is renters contents insurance can be extremely affordable and easy. Read More

  • Insurance Council investigates allegations of misconduct at Youi Insurance

    The Insurance Council has issued a "please explain" to insurer Youi following numerous complaints from customers. Read More

  • Christchurch Earthquake Lessons haven't been learned - Insurance Ombudsman.

    Horror stories from Christchurch residents have not stopped people from making insurance mistakes. Read More

  • New Liability Product Launched for Shipbuilders and Marina Operators.

    This new product will simplify things by no longer forcing these businesses to buy two separate standalone policies. Read More

  • How to make sure you aren't underselling your house for your Home Insurance.

    Advice on how to get an accurate valuation done to make sure your sum assured will fully cover your home. Read More

  • Hood Insurance Brokers are now on Twitter.

    Follow us on Twitter @HoodInsuranceNZ for updates, news, information and points of interest from the insurance world and beyond. Read More