• ICNZ: Fire Levy Premium Increases are "well out of step with the rest of the world".

    Insurance Council of NZ has railed against the insurance levy increases to fund Fire Emergency Services calling the entire funding model out of date. The government has responded, saying there will likely be decreases in 18 months time after the changes have bedded in. Read More Here.

  • Budget 2017: Premiums set to Rise for Homeowners

    Homeowners Insurance Premiums are unfortunately set to rise to top up the depleted natural disaster relief fund. If you are concerned and looking to mitigate these increases, Hood Insurance Brokers may be able to help. Contact us here today or phone us at (09) 489 9650. You can read more about the increase here.

  • Coastal Homes in NZ Could Become Ineligible for Insurance.

    Tens of thousands of coastal homes in NZ could become ineligible for insurance due to rising sea levels, a new report suggests. Read More

  • Too Stressed to Settle: 3000 Canterbury Over Cap Claims Still Unsettled 6 Years Later.

    Even though the Canterbury Earthquakes were almost six years ago, lingering issues with over cap claim settlements still remain today. Read More

  • Insurance Council Outlines the Main Priorities for 2017.

    Top of the agenda in 2017 for the Insurance Council of NZ includes the response to the Kaikoura Earthquakes and resolving residual Canterbury issues. Read More