COMPREHENSIve risk insurance solutions

Our homes, farms, vehicles and contents are important. Our health and our lives are too. That's why, in partnership with Spratt Financial Services, we are proud to offer you a full and comprehensive range of life insurance solutions, specifically tailored to meet your personal needs by a team who cares about your financial wellbeing.

Spratt Financial Services has been serving Kiwis for over 20 years and has a proud record of unmatched insurance service that you won't find anywhere else. Their team can secure you personalised insurance from the most reputable sources at the best possible prices, but that's only the first step.They will remain on hand to support you always, including reviews of your insurance cover, answering your questions, making any changes you require and keeping you informed on changes in the marketplace and better deals that may come up. They also offer unique claims service, guiding you and taking all the stress out of your hands when it is time to claim on any insurance policy.

Spratt Financial Group

Hood Insurance Brokers offers the best in Fire and General Cover. Our partners at Spratt Financial offer the best in Life and Risk Cover. With us working for you, you can be totally covered. Here is a selection of what is offered:

- Life Insurance
- Trauma Insurance
- Total Permanent Disablement Cover
- Income Protection
- Health Insurance, including Group and Corporate Medical Schemes.
- Mortgage Protection
- Key Person Insurance Cover
- Corporate Insurance Solutions for Businesses at special rates.
- Home Loans, including mortgage re-financing.
- Investments, including Lump Sum, Kiwisaver, Superannuation and Pension Transfers.

Life Insurance - Spratt
              Financial Group

If you require any one, or a combination of these insurances, we can design a package for you that will fit your needs at the most competitive price. We also offer you unmatched support including a support staff on hand for any form of assistance you need, as well as claims management during your most stressful times. Don't hesitate to contact Hood Insurance Brokers for more information anytime. We'd be proud to go to work for you and secure you the secure business protection that you deserve.