If you operate a farm, you'll know better than anyone that a farm faces unique challenges that no other businesses out there face. That's why there is specially designed rural insurance to help you protect yourself from the risks associated with maintaining and running your farm. With a rural insurance policy, you can be covered from damage to buildings, loss or theft of contents, as well as damage to machinery and vehicles. Your legal liability will also be covered from any injury or damage. Policies can also include protection for loss of profits or production, and interruption to your rural business.

Your policy can be specific or broad and can cover any of the following types of rural insurance:

rural material cover

Highly recommended for agricultural farms, or those practising horticulture. Protects you from costs associated with damage to your farm buildings, machinery and contents. Your greenhouse will be covered as well as costs of growing the plants within.

Rural Material Cover - Hood Insurance Brokers

rural business interruption

If your production or your farm as a whole would shut down if important infrastructure (eg. milking sheds) were to be damaged, this is the option for you. This insurance will cover you from lost turnover and will also pay extra wages that you need to maintain production manually. There is a number of optional extensions that can be attached, including natural disaster cover and electrical breakdown protection.

Rural Business Interruption Cover - Hood
                  Insurance Brokers

rural livestock protection

Covers your essential high value value animals for death, injury and fertility. Additional options are also available to extend your insurance to cover working dogs, horses, transit and livestock herds.

Rural Livestock Insurance - Hood Insurance

rural income protection

A specially designed rural insurance policy that will give your family assurance that your income will continue if you are brought low by injury, accident or ill health. This can be extended with other risk policies such as total permanent disablement, trauma insurance and medical cover. For more information on our personal risk policy services, visit our risk insurance partners at Spratt Financial Services.

Income Protection - Hood Insurance Brokers

rural stock deterioration

Protection for stock and produce that is kept under refrigeration on your farm. If your refrigeration suffers failure and you lose your precious stock, with this insurance your costs will be completely covered. This can also be extended to include protection for genetic material.

If you require any one, or a combination of these rural insurances, we can design a package for you that will fit your needs at the most competitive price. We also offer you unmatched support including a support staff on hand for any form of assistance you need, as well as claims management during your most stressful times. Don't hesitate to contact Hood Insurance Brokers for more information anytime. We'd be proud to go to work for you.

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